Love this office and all the staff. They truly care for their patients. My son was hurt at school and without hesitation the saw him immediately! They also worked me in for visit! My sons own dentist office wouldn’t even work him in for his emergency. I found my kids new dentist! Thank you Dr. Smith and team!!


After many years of seeing many dentist, Johnny ranks as one of the best. He Is truly concerned with the needs of the patient and he will go the extra mile to ensure that his patient is happy and satisfied with his services. In addition, Johnny is a very skilled dentist especially when it comes to doing dental implants. I already recommended him to my wife.


I Cannot speak highly enough about everyone in this office! Honest and very affordable. My family recommended I go here after a couple other dental office consults. I was told I needed 1 root canal by 1 dentist…and 2 by another. When Dr Smith saw me yesterday…he found that I had a severe and aggressive sinus infection….and DO NOT need any root canals. He gave me peace of mind and restored all faith in a honest dentist. He is actually caring for me with this persistent sinus infection and seeing me back next week to see how my antibiotics are helping me. THANK YOU Aaron and thank you Dr Smith and everyone else. You guys are the BEST!


I always am greeted and feel welcomed by the staff. The work is done efficiently and with skill. I would recommend Dr Smith for all dental needs.


Wonderful staff, wonderful Dr, beautiful office. I drive 50 miles each way to visit Dr. Smith and it is well worth it.


As a newer Phoenix resident, when I have asked about recommendations for a dentist, mostly I hear “Try ____, he/she is so nice.” Personally, I don’t really care about ‘nice’ – I want a dentist who knows what they’re doing, is expert at it, and gets the job done as well and efficiently as possible. And that perfectly describes Dr. Smith. The fact that he is very personable and easy to talk with is an added bonus ?


Amazing staff and Dr! You Hardly ever have a wait time and everyone is so helpful. Dr. Smith never pushes treatment you do not need and he makes sure you fully understand what is going on. The office manager Aaron will do all he can to help you and the Assistant Laura always goes above and beyond. The whole office from front to back is amazing and truly cares about the patient and taking care of them. Hands down BEST DENTIST OFFICE EVER!


Probably the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist office ever! Dr. Smith is very personable and nice. Also his assistant is very beautiful and warm and very caring. I would suggest everyone go there if it’s possible


Excellent service to date have several more appointments. Dr Smith is very thorough and knowledgeable and extremely willing to explain in detail all work necessary to repair your teeth. The staff is very friendly and competent.


Enjoyed the office. Very professional and engaging.


Big shout out to Erin! I moved my elderly folks to Colorado from AZ a little over a year ago. Jumping thru multiple medical hoops to get all their records transferred to all new doctors has been work! Finally getting them to a dentist – called Dr. Smith’s office to start the process of getting paperwork, only to be told that Erin took care of getting transfer paperwork signed during the folks’ last visit last year and all I have to do is give her the name and contact info for the new dentist. NONE of their other medical providers took this initiative. THANK YOU for making my life a little bit easier.


Nice office friendly staff and cool dentist. Awesome experience


I have never felt so comfortable with a dentist how I feel about Dr Smith . His staff of so thoughtful and nice . They are always happy and I can’t say enough thank you for your nice work and your lovely staff


I have an implant tooth that fell out an hour before a flight and a week long trip to AZ. I didn’t have anytime to visit my dentist before my flight. I spoke with a co-worker in AZ that recommended Dr. Johnny Smith and team. They were extremely helpful and accommodating to my situation. They got me in right away and fixed everything better than it was before. If I lived in AZ Dr. Smith would be my regular dentist.


I have always been fearful of Dentists. This developed to not going as often as I should. By the time I hit my 40’s , I knew I would require some corrective treatment. I began to be uncomfortable with my smile and how it effected my appearance and confidence. So I set out to interview , consult , with several Dentists all across the valley. My criteria for selection was based on several qualifications. Experience, Professional Status, Standard of Care, Honesty, Patient Satisfaction, Facility, Office Staff, Pricing.

I was astounded by the differences within the Profession. Dr Smith was far and above better than any of the other dentist I had seen. Experience is perhaps the most import criteria.

There is no substitute for experience. Especially in the medical field. Dr Smith DMD , has close to 30 years experience.

Professional Status , Dr Smith was recommended to me by , Medical Doctors, DO’s , PA’s , Nurse Practitioners. RN’s. These recommendations addressed his Standard of Care. Medical workers are very picky patients in my opinion. I appreciated their endorsements.

I found Dr Smith to be very honest and sincere. Very evident in the way he treats others, his strong family values, his pride in his children, he has family photos all around him at the office.

Patient Satisfaction. On my initial visit, I made an effort to speak with others in the waiting room. Everyone admired and spoke highly of Dr Smith. Lots of great smiles too.

Facility, the office was the best I had seen. Reminded me of a doctors office you would see on TV. He has his own stand alone building ( not one in a shopping center, or next to a thrift store ) it is professionally designed and decorated. No cheesie , outdated , furniture or decorations , very well lit, super clean. Very tranquil.

Office Staff, they are amazing! Kind , very professional. Understanding. They took the time to go over my choices. Gave me options. Listened to my concerns. Described treatment and procedures in detail. Totally eliminating all of my anxiety. Thank you so much. Everyone is wonderful.

Pricing is very fair. Never once did he use scare tactics like other people had. I ended up going with Dental Implants. I took awhile to think it over. The more research I read, the more I knew it was the right decision. All of the surgery was performed right in the office. I was never in pain. Ended up I was afraid of nothing. Again, this is a result of Dr Smiths skill, experience, amazing staff , team.

Final comments, I highly appreciate that Dr Smith is a Veteran. I also appreciate that he has invested in a large Solar Power System for his office. I would also like to thank the office staff. I now have a perfect smile. My family members also see Dr Smith as well. We are all smiling with pride.


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