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Fear of dentists is common enough in the US for there to be jokes about it on TV. If you avoid the dentist on occasion, it’s understandable. You’ve probably had a bad experience at the dentist before, including pain or negative feelings. You may even have highly sensitive teeth.

With 30 years of experience, Dr. Smith has seen every type of anxious patient. He can help you become relaxed and anxiety-free through sedation dentistry.

Just ask! If you have any anxiety or high tooth sensitivity, the whole team here will pull together and help you feel more comfortable using sedation and extra-gentle care. We know how vital dental work is for your health, and we just want you to stay safe and healthy.


When you schedule a dental visit with sedation, we’ll order a prescription for you. You’ll pick up a medication that induces conscious sedation. It’s very simple—you just take a pill an hour before your appointment, and let someone else give you a ride to and from our office.

During any dental service, the medication will keep you calm and relaxed. You’ll usually stay awake, although you may feel relaxed enough to fall asleep. You’ll be able to complete dental procedures you need without anxiety or pain—even longer ones.

After your appointment, you’ll stay relaxed for some time. Prepare a comfortable place in your home, and get a ride back there to enjoy your triumph over dental anxiety.


Dental problems can spread in several ways. If you have bacteria in one tooth, for example, it can infect another tooth or even move into your bloodstream. Oral cancer can also grow if it’s not halted in time.

There are many more problems that can develop without proper dental care. That’s why you really need regular dental cleanings and other procedures. Dentistry can protect your overall health as well as protecting your teeth and gums.

Oral conscious sedation can help anxious patients get the dentistry they need. There’s no embarrassment or shame associated with it. We’re just happy to solve a problem that may have bothered you for years! Let us know today if you could use sedation dentistry.


Contact us about your dental anxiety, so we can help. It’ll be such a relief to get this challenge off your mind! Please call Johnny Smith DMD today to take a step toward better health.

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