Any type of loss can be painful, but losing a tooth is particularly traumatic. If you’re missing a tooth, Dr. Smith can replace it. We’ve completed hundreds of dental implant procedures successfully at Johnny Smith DMD.

We use high-quality technology and extensive knowledge of the field to restore patients’ smiles safely and quickly. Call us today for a consultation.


A dental implant procedure places a new tooth root in your jawbone. This titanium root is strong and stable once it becomes a permanent part of your jaw. Implants can hold custom-made teeth like crowns, dental bridges, or dentures.

The implant process will often include these steps:

  • Consultation and Examination: We’ll thoroughly examine the area of your missing tooth or teeth and use 3-D scans to find the most effective location for the implant.
  • Surgery: After years of experience, these surgeries are simple and quick for us. Your titanium tooth root will be in your jawbone after a routine and painless procedure.
  • Healing: We’ll give you time at home to let your jawbone bond with the implant, creating a secure base for your dental appliance.
  • Restoration: We’ll place a customized restoration on your implants. Your color-matched restoration will replace your missing tooth or teeth with to complete your beautiful smile without standing out.
  • Continuing Care: We can periodically meet with you to ensure you’re happy with your restored smile. We will also make sure that it looks and feels great.

You should be able to brush, floss, chew, and speak normally, but you can let us know if you have any challenges.


A missing tooth isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Getting it replaced can actually protect your health and make your life better in these ways:

  • A replacement tooth stops your other teeth from moving into the gap.
  • Replacing your tooth ensures that your teeth are coming together normally and not being worn out in an uneven way as you chew.
  • Having all your teeth helps you chew better, which delivers more nutrition and takes undue strain off of your digestive and immune systems.
  • Closing a tooth gap protects your gums from damage and infection.

Restoring your original, beautiful smile is a great benefit too! Having confidence in your teeth is one of the key aspects of living the good life.


If you are missing a tooth or teeth, contact Johnny Smith DMD for a consultation. We’ll be happy to give you an examination to see how we can restore your beautiful smile. If implants are right for you, we’ll make the process comfortable and simple. Call today!

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