Emergency Dentistry


Do you have a dental emergency? Call Johnny Smith DMD right now, and we will schedule you for the soonest appointment possible.

We can also assist you over the phone. If your tooth has been damaged or knocked out, for example, call us immediately to get some guidance on preserving your tooth.

We can take emergency patients during the same day that you call. You don’t even have to be one of our regular patients. We care about helping everyone in the Peoria area and the surrounding communities. Call now!


When you or your family member is in pain, it can be scary for everyone. We understand, and we’re ready to help you with compassionate and professional dental care as quickly as we can get you an appointment.

What type of emergency are experiencing? Here are the usual challenges that we help patients with:

  • Chipped or Broken Tooth: When your tooth is broken or chipped, it can be possible to save it or repair it if you come to Johnny Smith DMD. Bring any pieces of the tooth that may have broken off.
  • Painful Tooth: If tooth pain has become too much to endure, you may have a serious infection. It should be treated quickly to prevent the infection from spreading and to save the structure of the tooth. Avoiding an extraction is best for your health.
  • Loose Tooth: Unlike a baby tooth, a loose adult tooth must be saved by a dentist quickly. There are several issues that could cause it, but it’s important to stop it from falling out.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth: When a tooth comes out in an accident, you have a short time to save your tooth. It may be possible for Dr. Smith to re-insert it. Call us right now, and we’ll help you through the process.
  • Dental Abscess: If you notice bleeding or pus in your mouth, you could have an infection. With prompt treatment, we may be able to stop the infection and save your teeth.

We’re here to help with any crisis, no matter its size. We’re happy to bring you in for an emergency treatment quickly. You should feel safe and taken care of here.


When you or your family member is in dental pain, we care about helping you and relieving the pain. Call Johnny Smith DMD now for a same-day appointment, whether you’re one of our regular patients or not.

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