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Have your teeth lost the bright white color they used to have? It’s easy to feel less confident when teeth are embarrassingly dark. It’s terrible to feel like you can’t smile during a photo or when meeting a new person.

Professional teeth whitening at Johnny Smith DMD is like a spa appointment! We’ll help you quickly get whiter teeth while you sit comfortably. You’ll leave with a renewed confidence in your bright, beautiful smile. We love to see our patients’ rejuvenated smiles!


Your top tooth material, enamel, easily absorbs colored molecules. Darker foods, drinks, medicines, and smoke can all darken or yellow your teeth. They can also get darker just from age or genetic factors.

Teeth whitening products reverse this process by sending whiter molecules into your enamel and breaking up the dark molecules. Store-bought products may do this haphazardly and slowly. Professional products often quickly and more effectively.

It’s also more convenient and safer to whiten teeth under professional care. You can just sit and relax while your teeth are effortlessly whitened, and you’ll be confident it’s done safely at Johnny Smith DMD!


We offer both in-office whitening and take-home whitening. With the latter, we’ll supply you with our favorite Opalescence product and instruct you on its use. You’ll get the maximum benefits that way—much better than buying a product at a store.

Our in-office treatment uses Opalescence Boost. This whitener uses a hydrogen peroxide-based gel, along with fluoride, which affords these benefits:

  • The treatment is gentle on your mouth because no hot light is used.
  • It starts working automatically when we put it in.
  • It works within just 2–3 treatments of 20 minutes each.
  • It’s quicker and less costly than cosmetic veneers or crowns.

You can quickly have teeth that are several shades whiter. Imagine knowing that your teeth now look great while you’re posing for pictures, chatting with friends and family, or interviewing for a new job!


Make an appointment with Johnny Smith DMD for whiter teeth today. Once you whiten your teeth, you’ll be able to maintain their color for a long time with simple brushing, flossing, and additional treatments. Contact us today for a bright, beautiful smile!

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