Bone Grafting


Bone grafting is a procedure that is sometimes included in the dental implant process.

The dental implant process helps patients replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a new tooth root made out of titanium. Through a routine surgery, we can place it in the jawbone. It becomes a secure part of a patient’s mouth, able to hold dentures, crowns, or bridges.

The advantages of dental implants include:

  • Holding dentures securely so that they don’t slip or pop out.
  • Creating a solid base for a replacement tooth crown.
  • Stimulating the jawbone to grow and get stronger.

The dental implant procedure is life-changing to many of our patients.


For some patients, bone grafting enters the implant process at the very beginning. If your jawbone doesn’t have enough bone material—or if the material is too soft—to safely hold an implant, we can increase your bone mass through bone grafting.

Bone grafting makes your jawbone stronger to ensure that your jaw and implants will hold up under the pressure of chewing. The material for the graft can come from:

  • Your own natural bone material (moved from another part of your body).
  • A synthetic bone material, which will help your jawbone grow after an implant.

After the graft procedure, it could take a few months for your jawbone to heal. However, some patients only need a small amount of grafting, allowing for faster healing. Dr. Smith will help you understand your health needs during your examination.


We love the advantages we can give to our patients through dental implants, such as replacing a missing tooth or teeth. They can also hold dentures or bridges very securely in place, reducing worry about them and allowing you to smile more confidently!

If you could benefit from dental implants, Dr. Smith will give you a thorough examination, including 3-D imaging of your jawbone to be sure of your readiness for the procedure. If bone grafting is needed, don’t worry. We’ll discuss it with you and explain the procedure in detail.

We promise to make surgery as comfortable and easy for you as possible. We enjoy getting to know our patients, and we will treat you like part of our family here. Call Johnny Smith DMD today to get started!

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