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Our aim at Johnny Smith DMD is first to build compassionate relationships with our patients based on trust. We want to give you the results you desire from your dental treatment.

To that end, we strive to have the most current dental technology. This technology helps us give you comfortable and efficient procedures. It also allows us to give you every step of complex procedures right here in our office, which saves you from a trip to another dentist or specialist.

Here are some of the highlights of the dental technologies we use here at Johnny Smith DMD:


Digital x-rays immediately store x-ray images in a secure computer system, rather than on film. Film takes longer, is easy to lose, and requires 80% more radiation. Both the young and the elderly are protected when we use x-rays with lower levels of radiation.

During your examinations, you will be able to immediately see x-ray images of your teeth on the same screen that your dentist and hygienist are looking at. We use them to quickly make accurate diagnoses.


A CBCT scanner builds a three-dimensional digital model or your jaw, teeth, ears, nose, mouth, neck, and throat. You comfortably stand while the scanner moves around your face without touching you.

With this type of scan, we get a thorough understanding of the internal workings of your bones, readying us for successful implants and surgeries.


An intraoral camera is a miniature camera that looks like a large pen. It enlarges images of the inside of your mouth for you and your dentist to see together on a screen. This allows you to see what we see, and it helps us diagnose challenges that we can address quickly.


During any dental procedure, especially during oral surgery, we have an advanced computer system for Dr. Smith to use in the operating space. This ensures that your health information, x-rays, dental photos, and other data are all ready to be used during the procedure.

We want to produce the most successful outcome possible, which is why we have invested in computers in each operatory. These computers also organize all the pertinent information to help keep our workspace clean and efficient.


Getting compassionate and high-quality dental services in the Peoria area is a phone call away. Call Johnny Smith DMD today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith. Take advantage of these technologies to increase your health and enhance your beautiful smile!

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