Professional Teeth Whitening: You'll Wonder Why You Waited so Long

Professional Teeth Whitening: You'll Wonder Why You Waited so Long

Studies conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® showed that 99.7% of Americans believe a smile is an important social asset. What goes unsaid is that not all smiles are created equal. 

Fortunately, if you’ve got dull or stained teeth, you’re not stuck with a lackluster smile. Here at our office in Peoria, Arizona, Johnny L. Smith, DMD, uses his specialization in cosmetic dentistry to deliver ultra-convenient, highly effective teeth whitening.  

In fact, you might be surprised at just how easy it can be to get a whiter smile. You can even brighten your teeth at home with professional-grade products from Opalescence™.

Professional vs. store-bought at-home teeth whitening

First off, it’s important to distinguish between professional at-home teeth whitening and store-bought whitening kits. 

The former gives you a personalized option from your dentist. That means Dr. Smith can confirm the whitening tray will fit safely and comfortably in your mouth, that your teeth are ready for whitening, and that the whitening solution will be effective without damaging your teeth.

With store-bought kits, it’s less clear-cut. You could risk increased teeth sensitivity, demineralization of your teeth, and gum problems. In fact, it’s generally recommended that you consult with your dentist before using store-bought whitening kits. 

And since you should talk to Dr. Smith about tooth whitening anyway, you might as well choose a whitening solution with professional-grade products so you get the most dazzling results possible. 

Opalescence at-home teeth whitening

At our office, Dr. Smith offers Opalescence at-home whitening solutions to get your teeth several shades brighter. That means you get two things. First, you get a customized tray, fitted to your unique mouth, to make your at-home whitening experience both comfortable and effective.

Secondly, you get the Opalescence professional-grade carbamide peroxide tooth whitening gel. It also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to help protect your teeth as you whiten them, and you can only get it through your dentist. 

This take-home treatment is designed to integrate into your lifestyle. You wear your Opalescence trays for as little as 30 minutes a day or as long as overnight, whichever is best for you. 

In-office teeth whitening

At-home teeth whitening gives you a way to get a brighter smile at home, but if you’re looking for a faster option, Dr. Smith also offers in-office whitening. You relax in our chair while he gets you a more radiant smile. You leave your appointment with teeth that are several shades whiter. 

Whether you want take-home or in-office whitening, Dr. Smith and our team are here to help. If you’re ready to show off your pearly whites, don’t hesitate to call our office or book your appointment online today. 

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